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Proofpoint Enterprise Governance Solution Overview

In today's enterprise the proliferation of business information is staggering. Businesses create millions of files every year and they end up in disparate locations across the enterprise: hard drives, shared drives, removable drives, email, Microsoft SharePoint,, and Dropbox. With analysts projecting an overall storage growth of 44 times in the next 10 years, this unprecedented growth of business information creates serious legal, compliance, and cost issues. Regulated organisations face requirements on how to properly retain their business information—regardless of where it is stored. In addition, many of these business enterprises are facing growing costs of e-Discovery that correlate directly to the proliferation and growth of the information overall. Clearly, leaving unstructured business information in an unmanaged state is no longer an option—these organisations require a business information governance solution that enables them to proactively govern their business information regardless of where it is stored.

The Proofpoint Enterprise Governance™ solution leverages our patented approach for creating and maintaining a "Digital Thread™" that enables business enterprises to track, classify, monitor, and apply policy to unstructured information across the enterprise—"in-place," or regardless of where it is stored. The Proofpoint Enterprise Governance solution helps organisations control the legal and financial risks and e-Discovery costs related to unstructured information by defining and enforcing information governance policies. The business information governance solution also helps to improve document governance policy compliance and reduce retention costs by identifying and disposing of files that are no longer needed.

Proofpoint Enterprise Governance Key Capabilities:

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