Proofpoint Enterprise Governance

Retention and Disposition Governance Policies

Powerful governance policies in the Proofpoint Enterprise Governance solution allow organisations to enforce the disposition or retention of files across all file locations (hard drives, removable drives, shared drives, email, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Lotus Domino, Dropbox, and These governance policies are extremely flexible and can be configured in a multitude of ways according to the needs of the enterprise. Governance policies can be manually executed by an administrator, or they can be configured to automatically execute according to a schedule or occurrence.

Retention and Disposition Governance Policies Key Capabilities:

  • Upload: Upload policies allow enterprises to automatically upload files to a specified file repository. These policies are very flexible and can be configured to upload based on criteria such as classification, creator, age, location, etc.
  • Delete: Delete policies enable enterprises to automatically and selectively delete files across the entire enterprise. Delete policies are also very flexible and can be configured to delete files based on criteria such as classification, age, modified date, repository, duplicates, etc.
  • Legal Hold: While Proofpoint Enterprise Governance does not have the ability to lockdown a machine on legal hold, it does have the ability to move or copy all files on the machine to a secure archive. Further, a machine on legal hold can be given immunity to the effects of cleanup policies that may act on machines. In other words, legal holds can be managed "in-place," or they can be managed by capturing files and securing them.
  • Autotag: Autotag policies allow enterprises to distribute autotag folders (auto-classifying folders) to users' desktops or Outlook. For example, an administrator could have a folder classified as Personal Files sent to all users' My Documents folder, or the administrator could have a similar folder created in all users' Outlook Inbox. As users save files to these autotag folders, the files will be automatically classified according to the folders' classifications.
  • Email: Email governance policies enable enterprises to send a notification or instructive email to all users or a subset of users. For example, an administrator might configure a schedule where a notification will be sent to all users warning them of a pending cleanup 30 days prior to the cleanup. A link to a user interface or a report can also be sent to users to make the requested actions easier to complete.
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