Proofpoint Enterprise Governance

Enterprise Governance Security and Confidentiality

Proofpoint understands the importance of enterprise document security. Documents provide tangible evidence of decisions and agreements; this enterprise information contains crucial intellectual capital and contributes greatly to an enterprise's brand and image. As a result, organisations invest valuable time and resources creating infrastructure and processes to protect critical documents, safeguard information resources, and manage the associated business risks.

Proofpoint works closely with customers to maximise the digital security of their documents. Proofpoint ensures that the information-management service provided takes full advantage of existing security-related standards, technology investments, and cultural practices of each customer.

Proofpoint Enterprise Governance Security and Confidentiality Key Capabilities:

  • Leverages Existing Infrastructure: Proofpoint works closely with customers to provide an enterprise governance solution that leverages existing security infrastructures; organisations will not need to implement complex new document permission schemes, provide security for a new centralised repository of information, or force people to adopt new, unnatural processes for sharing enterprise information.
  • Host No Content: The Proofpoint Enterprise Governance security service does not host or store any content. As a result, content remains under organisations' control—completely secured and protected by existing enterprise information security infrastructure. Only metadata about files is sent to the Proofpoint Governance Server.
  • HTTPS: Communications between the Proofpoint Enterprise Governance client agents and the Proofpoint Governance Server always use standard, secure protocols.
  • Keep Permissions Simple: Users have very little to learn and administer by way of new security concepts.
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