Dynamic Email Reputation Services with Global Visibility

The vast majority of email traffic today still consists of spam. An effective email reputation service is critical in reducing a large volume of obvious spam by dropping connections, allowing deep content analysis on the remainder of the message volume.

Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation is the industry's most powerful connection management service. Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation combines a global reputation, leveraging visibility into the industry's largest volume of email, with local reputation data – analysed by powerful machine learning algorithms – to block connections from malicious IP addresses. This email reputation management service provides enterprises with an accurate, first line of defence against spam, directory harvest attacks, denial-of-service and other email-borne, attacks, while delivering substantial bandwidth savings.

Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation Key Capabilities:

  • Multi-layered protection with global and local reputation: Leveraging visibility into the industry's largest volume of email per day, global reputation ensures defence against IP addresses as soon as they appear. Local reputation ensures defence against IP addresses that are targeted at one specific organisation that may not immediately appear on a global scale.

  • Accurate IP Reputation: Hundreds of reputation-related attributes are analysed for each connection, providing extraordinary accuracy. Reputation related attributes include:
    • SPF
    • Percentage of spam, virus, phish, and invalid recipients associated with an IP
    • URL and domain block lists
    • DHCP addresses (zombies, botnets)
    • Image history (fuzzy matching)
    • Recipient list sizes
  • Blocking up to 80% of inbound SMTP connections with less than a one in one million false positive rate.
  • Rapid Refresh Rate:Collecting information on millions of IP addresses, Proofpoint MLX continually parses hundreds of data points for each IP address in real-time to generate extremely timely, accurate network reputation scores. Scores are updated every minute as the reputation service reacts to new spam and other malicious sources – an order of magnitude faster than competing email reputation solutions.
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