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Proofpoint Targeted Attack ProtectionTargeted email attacks represent one of the most dangerous IT threats facing enterprises today. According to the 2013 Verizon Data Breach Report, 95% of targeted threats began with a spear-phishing attack, a single, carefully crafted email that tricked a recipient to click a link to install malware or surrender their login credentials. Often, these email attacks are impossible to detect using conventional reputation, signature-based content scanning and sender verification techniques.

What is worse is that no matter the training provided, users are still falling for these threats as they get more sophisticated. Proofpoint research has found that on average, one in ten users that receive messages with malicious URLs will click on them. Frequently, Proofpoint has observed that malware used in these attacks remain undetected by less than 10% of traditional anti-virus and reputation solutions, even hours after the attack.

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection™ takes an entirely new approach, using Big Data analysis techniques and a Cloud Architecture to identify suspicious messages. This helps enterprises to add additional layers of security scrutiny that cannot be matched by traditional security solutions and gateways. Targeted Attack Protection represents the industry's first comprehensive solution for combatting targeted threats using a full lifecycle approach, monitoring suspicious messages as they come in, and observing user clicks as they attempt to reach out. The key aspects of the solution include:

Next-generation Detection: Dynamic Malware Analysis Service that enables detection of sophisticated attacks, including those using polymorphic and zero-day malware and other advanced exploits. Learn More >

  • Benefit: Cloud scale and elasticity for malware analysis and sandboxing with global and immediate benefit to all organizations for emerging campaigns, with proprietary technology to defeat malware through counter-evasion techniques.

Predictive Defense: Big Data driven prediction and real-time scoring engine utilizing a cloud-based statistical model to predict URL destinations likely to be malicious as part of an emerging attack. Learn More >

  • Benefit: Proactively identify threats and minimize clean-up for incident response teams by catching malicious URLs before users click and get infected.


Follow-me Protection: Unique URL re-writing of links within all suspicious emails to enable click-time protection via the URL Defense Service that is agnostic to browser, user device, and user location. Learn More >

  • Benefit: Enables security controls to persist, even if users are off the corporate network and bypassing on-premise security controls.

End-to-End Insight: The Threat Insight Service provides a graphical dashboard and report view for administrators and security professionals to obtain details of attacks, identification of specific users that were attacked, and real-time notifications for potential incidents that require investigation. Learn More >

  • Benefit: Know who clicked, when, and the threat forensics to enable rapid incident response and remediations.

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WebinarHow to Reliably Defeat Targeted Attacks: Learn about the anatomy of a targeted attack, Big Data Phish-finding, Anomalytics, Sandboxing, Follow-Me Protection, and Defense beyond the gateway.
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