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To better manage the risks and costs associated with external threats and failures to comply with government mandates, enterprises are beginning to implement robust corporate policies for both data protection and governance. These governance policies seek to proactively enforce standard practices around data retention and deletion, to encrypt and secure communications to prevent leaks of sensitive data and intellectual property, and to reduce legal compliance risks.

In addition, the need to reduce the costs and risks associated with litigation—the costs associated with the discovery, production and retention of electronically stored information, the proper assessment of whether to prosecute, defend or settle a legal case—is also driving the implementation of robust data governance practices.

Archiving, Governance and Discovery for Today's Enterprise

Proofpoint has the expertise to help administer and manage corporate policies for data protection and governance. And our solutions help the world's most successful businesses collect, securely retain, govern and discover sensitive data for compliance and litigation support.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive™, our archiving solution, helps enterprises reduce legal discovery risks and costs, and comply with email retention and supervision policies, including FINRA and SEC regulations. By creating a centralized, searchable repository of a company's email and other types of electronic messages, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive ensures the accurate enforcement of data governance and retention policies, enables legal teams to quickly and easily assess the merits of a legal case, and allows for the preservation of data through an active legal hold.

Key capabilities within Proofpoint Enterprise Archive include:

  • Secure archiving of email and other electronic assets: Email messages and other electronic communications are archived according to retention periods defined within Proofpoint's policy engine so that information is available for end user access, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance purposes. Patented DoubleBlind Encryption™ ensures that data is always secure, both in transit and at rest.

  • eDiscovery: With all content captured in the archive, Proofpoint enables real-time search across the entire contents of the archive—while eliminating the challenges associated with identifying, collecting, and de-duplicating information contained within multiple data sources. Legal teams can conduct full-text searches against message headers, message body, and contents of more than 300 types of attachments.

  • End-user search: Email users have near real-time access to their archived information, which can be accessed quickly and easily from their Outlook clients, desktop web browsers or mobile devices. Proofpoint uniquely provides a search performance guarantee that ensures search results are delivered in seconds, regardless of the complexity of the search or size of the archive.

  • Supervision: Proofpoint Enterprise Archive makes it easy to meet even the most stringent regulatory compliance demands by archiving email according to SEC-compliant policies. Supervision review features allow organizations to automate review processes. Proofpoint provides a secure, tamper-proof and fully redundant storage infrastructure that meets all of the conditions set forth in SEC Rule 17a-4.

Proofpoint Enterprise Governance™ is an enterprise information governance solution that allows organizations to easily track, classify, apply policies and monitor unstructured information wherever it exists across the enterprise.

Proofpoint Enterprise Governance uses patented Digital Thread® technology to fingerprint documents and track their versions and destinations – wherever they may reside throughout the enterprise and beyond. This technology is now available via the cloud and will be an integrated component of Proofpoint’s cloud-based platform and application suite.

Key benefits of Proofpoint Enterprise Governance include:

  • Lowered cost of storage: Information governance that manages in-place allows organizations to substantially reduce the total volume of unstructured information being stored for lower storage costs—all without impeding the normal course of business.

  • Reduced eDiscovery costs: The operational costs associated with eDiscovery directly correlate with the volume of unstructured information. Even by conservative accounts, that can mean a cost burden that’s ten times the cost of information storage. In-place information governance reduces those costs by applying a business-justified disposition policy to outdated information.

  • Reduced legal risk and improved regulatory compliance: For most regulated organizations, legal risk & compliance are the main motivators driving the need to manage information in-place. A solid and consistent governance model is required to enforce disposition and retention policies regardless of where information is stored. The strong compliance offered by Proofpoint Enterprise Governance helps mitigate the risks of sanctions, investigations and motions.

  • Infrastructure simplification: The alternative to in-place information governance involves costly central repositories and massive overhead associated with servers, storage, and storage management software. Leveraging the cloud and the customer's existing IT infrastructure, Proofpoint Enterprise Governance helps reduce IT costs and complexity.
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