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Enterprises today face an extremely complex and dynamic threat landscape. To keep organizations protected from the latest email threats, Proofpoint has pioneered the use of innovative, cloud-based technologies—such as big-data analytics, machine learning, deep content inspection and advanced encryption—to deliver both superior protection against the latest advanced email threats and lower total-cost-of-ownership compared to the alternatives offered by traditional security vendors.

Proofpoint threat management solutions deliver superior protection against today's advanced, targeted email threats by uniquely leveraging a combination of big data analytics, deep content inspection and machine learning techniques. Proofpoint detects and stops targeted "spear phishing" and other advanced attacks more effectively than competitive alternatives. By processing and modeling billions of messages per day, big data analytics allow Proofpoint to spot anomalies in traffic flow to detect targeted attacks. Deep content inspection enables Proofpoint to identify malicious attachments and to more accurately distinguish between valid emails and "phishing" emails designed to look authentic and trick end-users into divulging sensitive data or clicking on a malicious URL. These same techniques allow Proofpoint accurately detect and block phishing, spam or malware-laden messages originating from within an organizations own systems.

Proofpoint also leverages advanced machine learning to detect and quarantine targeted "zero-hour" attacks in real-time—even if they have not been seen previously at other locations. The combination of these capabilities along with closed-loop incident response delivers a level of data protection that legacy solutions (which were designed to stop more broad attacks) cannot match.

Proofpoint's Security-as-a-Service Platform

The Proofpoint solution is built on a powerful security-as-a-service platform that includes services for secure storage, content inspection, reputation, big-data analytics, encryption and key management, and identity and policy. These components are exposed through APIs to enable future applications from both Proofpoint and third-party developers. In addition, the Proofpoint platform APIs enable integration to other security and compliance components in our customers' infrastructures. For example, customers can integrate Proofpoint with their secure web gateway to ensure consistent data loss prevention policy enforcement across both web and email traffic. 
Our cloud-based platform services leverage the latest in web-scale technologies to deliver superior threat detection and lower total cost of ownership. These platform services include:

  • Real-time reputation: Analyzes billions of requests per day to create a dynamic database reputation profile on hundreds of millions of IP addresses, domains, URLs and other internet content.

  • Deep content inspection: Uses advanced, patent-pending machine learning techniques to understand the meaning of email, documents, and social networking communications in order to identify and classify content for threat protection ("is it malicious?"), data loss prevention ("is it sensitive?") and discovery ("is it relevant to a matter?").

  • Big-data analytics: Analyzes and indexes petabytes of information to find patterns and detect anomalies in order to identify threats, detect data leaks and inform discovery efforts.

  • Rich identity and policy: Enables the definition and enforcement of sophisticated data protection policies based on wide set of variables including: type of content, sender, recipient, pending legal matters, time/date, regulatory status and more. Policies also leverage rich identity information to enable specific policies and enforcement by user, group, role, geography and domain.

  • Advanced encryption and key management: Securely encrypts data and quickly and easily stores and indexes individual encryption keys.

  • Secure storage: Cost-effectively stores petabytes of data using patented encryption methods, ensuring that the data is tamper-proof and private while still remaining fully searchable by authorized users in real-time.

Threat Management for Email Security

Our Proofpoint Enterprise Protection™ email security suite protects customers' mission-critical email infrastructures from outside threats including spam, phishing, unpredictable email volumes, malware and other form of objectionable or dangerous content before they hit the enterprise. Key capabilities within Proofpoint Enterprise Protection include:

  • Threat detection: Powered by a machine learning technology, Proofpoint MLX™, and global reputation, Proofpoint threat detection examines millions of possible attributes in every email—including message envelope headers and structure, images, sender reputation as well as unstructured content in the message body—to block phishing and spear phishing attacks, spam and other forms of malicious or objectionable content. Sophisticated policy and routing control ensure security and effective handling of all classifications of content.

  • Virus protection: Effectively and efficiently combats viruses, worms, Trojans and other forms of malware with an industry‐leading solution that combines efficient message handling, comprehensive reporting, and robust policy management with the world's leading anti‐virus engines.

  • Zero-hour phish and anti-virus: Protects enterprises against new phishing attacks, viruses and other forms of malicious code during the critical first minutes after new attacks are released and before full information is available to characterize the threat.

  • Smart Search: Offers easy, real‐time visibility into message flows across an organization's entire messaging infrastructure, using built-in logging and reporting capabilities coupled with advanced message tracing, forensics and log analysis capabilities.

The key benefits of the Proofpoint Enterprise Protection suite include:

  • Superior protection from advanced email threats: Proofpoint's unique combination of big-data analytics, deep content inspection and global reputation provides superior detection and protection against advanced phishing, spear-phishing and other advanced threats.

  • Advanced spam detection: Delivers the industry's highest level of effectiveness, guaranteed at 99% for cloud deployments and typically 99.8% or greater in all types of deployments.

  • Outbound spam and virus protection: Protects an organization's reputation through outbound spam and virus scanning capabilities.

  • Multi-layered virus protection: Keeps email users safe from viruses, worms, spyware and other types of malicious code using both signature-based anti-virus and behavioral-based zero-hour virus detection technologies to protect against all types of malware.

  • Advanced connection management: Reduces email traffic spikes and blocks or throttles malicious connections from botnets and other types of malicious IP addresses. Proofpoint's Dynamic Reputation technology reduces inbound connection volumes by 80% or more, making intelligent decisions about whether to accept, reject or throttle incoming email connections.

  • Acceptable use policies: Proofpoint Enterprise Protection makes it easy to define and enforce an organization's unique acceptable use policies, with an advanced email firewall, deep content inspection and outbound filtering capabilities.

  • Web-based policy management and administration: Administrators can monitor and control the customization of reports, status information, RSS feeds and other displays through an easy-to-use, web-based administration interface. More than 60 real-time, graphical reports and alerts give administrators complete visibility into the state of their enterprise messaging systems.

  • Powerful end-user controls: Gives email users easy, self-service control over their individual email preferences with personalized quarantines and digest reports, personalized safelists and blocklists and web-based access to quarantines and profile administration.
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