State of the Phish 2024

Threat Report

2024 State of the Phish – Today’s Cyber Threats and Phishing Protection

Is Your Organisation Covered with Phishing Protection?

Every day, users around the world make choices between security and convenience, often choosing to favour the latter. But as you might expect, different languages, cultures and levels of digital maturity play into these decisions, often leading to significantly different outcomes. Implementing phishing protection is one way to mitigate risk.

For our tenth annual State of the Phish report, we’ve put together in-depth regional summaries to explore how local nuances affect user behaviour when it comes to cybersecurity awareness and the importance of phishing protection.

Here are a few highlights from the EMEA summary:

  • Users in UAE were more likely to take security risks than any other country in our survey, with 86% saying they took a risky action.
  • 78% of organisations in Germany experience telephone-oriented attack delivery, but only 21% of German organisations train users about this threat.
  • Swedish organisations suffered the highest rates of attempted ransomware infections of any country surveyed, with 92% of organisations targeted.

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