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Cybersecurity Leadership Certification: Getting Started with Insider Threats

You may access the recording on-demand and pass your exam by April 17th, 2023 at 5pm PST to get certified!

Course 1 Title: Getting Started with Insider Threats

Course 1 Description:

Remote work, cloud adoption, and employee turnover are creating risks of data loss and insider threats. According to the 2022 Ponemon Cost of Insider Threat Report, insider-led incidents have increased 44% over the past two years, making it imperative for organizations to be aware of the potential for insider threats and have a strategy to address them.    

In this session, our instructors will provide a foundational overview of insider threats. In the first course we discuss: 

  • What are insider threats and how they differ from insider risk  
  • The three types of insider threats 
  • Key approaches to detecting and managing insider threats 
  • How Insider Threat Management (ITM) and DLP are converging 
  • The definition of an Insider Threat Management program