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Cybersecurity Leadership Certification: Built to Scale – Creating a Platform for Phishing Prevention

You may access the recording on-demand and pass your exam by January 6th, 2023 at 5pm PST to get certified!

Course 2 Title: Built to Scale – Creating a Platform for Phishing Prevention

Course 2 Description:

As you learned in our first session, phishing emails come in a variety of forms and flavors, with advanced features designed to bypass even the most cutting-edge security solutions. It’s no surprise then, that phishing attacks like business email compromise are incredibly costly, accounting for more than $2.4B in losses last year alone1.  

Modern threat actors have created entire platforms in hopes of completing a single successful attack. To protect your users and secure all your organization’s potential threat vectors, you need a platform of your own. 

Building a layered security approach with multiple attack stop-gaps and fail-safes is especially crucial to stopping phish. Learn how phishing attacks rely on, and take advantage of various technologies employed by your end users, and how to implement more adaptive controls to reduce your overall attack exposure. 

In this second session, we discuss:  

  • How a phishing attack can move through your network 
  • Identifying phishing vulnerabilities within your security infrastructure 
  • Why and how to build a layered security approach against phishing 

1Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). “Internet Crime Report 2021.” 2021.