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Cybersecurity Leadership Certification: How to Build a Comprehensive Identity Threat Protection Program

You may access the recording on-demand and pass your exam by December 22nd, at 5pm PST to get certified!

Course 3 Title: How to Build a Comprehensive Identity Threat Protection Program

Course 3 Description:

Understanding the core aspects of your identity-based environment is important—but it’s not enough to keep your people and data safe from identity-based threats.

To effectively defend your organization, you need to understand what it takes to build a comprehensive identity threat protection program—one that uncovers attack paths before attackers do, and stops lateral movement. 

In our last course of the certification series, you’ll learn: 

  • How to assess your organization’s identity threat posture 
  • The best practices for building an identity threat defense program, including people, process, and technology 
  • How to move from point-in-time analyses of identity threats, like red teams, to operationalize identity risk mitigation