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Cybersecurity Leadership Certification: Human Firewall— Prepping Your Users to Fight Phishing

You may access the recording on-demand and pass your exam by January 6th, 2023 at 5pm PST to get certified!

Course 3 Title: Human Firewall— Prepping Your Users to Fight Phishing

Course 3 Description:

People are the primary target of cybercriminals. And it only takes one person to fall for phishing to incite significant financial loss or a severe data breach. To fight phishing, you need to empower users with the right knowledge and tools, so they can become a strong last line of defense.  

While 73% of organizations conduct formal security awareness training, only 53% of working adults know what the term “phishing” means1. Organizations struggle to improve users’ learning retention and detection efficacy with their current security awareness programs. 

In this third and final session, we discuss:  

  • How phishing has impacted various industries 
  • The challenges with security awareness training 
  • Best practices for educating your end users 
  • How to measure behavior change

1(Proofpoint, Inc.). “2022 State of the Phish.” 2022.