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Your privacy and security are Proofpoint’s business.

Over the last several years, many new data protection laws have gone into force across the globe. Proofpoint is dedicated to keeping up with the shifting privacy frameworks as both your partner in security and as a company that processes personal data. As a data processor, Proofpoint is committed to maintaining the privacy, confidentiality, and transparency of the personal data entrusted to us. As a cybersecurity software provider, Proofpoint’s solutions enable you to meet your compliance requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

Responsible AI at Proofpoint.

Data Processing Agreement

Our Global DPA in a variety of languages.

Data Processing and Retention

Details of how Proofpoint processes customer personal data by product.

Subprocessors by Location

Details on Proofpoint third party service providers and subprocessors.

Data Privacy and Security Information Sheets

Our data privacy and security information sheets describe how our products collect, store, and protect data.

Policies and Procedures, TOMS and Product Certifications

Our Policies and Procedures, Technical and Organizational Measures & Product Certifications.


Frequently requested Proofpoint contracts: U.S. Privacy Law Addendum, Business Associate Agreement, License Terms, Customer Agreement and Master Subscription Agreement.

Legal and Regulatory Landscape

Resources to provide information on the global regulatory framework.

Proof of Concept (POC) and FAQs

Trialing Proofpoint, want additional information or have questions? Click here.

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