Maintain client trust while securing your organization for the future

The age of financial services modernization is here

Financial services organizations continue to transform. They are mobilizing their people and technology for greater choice and convenience to meet the evolving financial needs of their clients. This has brought faster and smarter banking, payments and lending. And that is facilitated by advanced communication, collaboration, engagement, information and data sharing across more touchpoints and channels. Speed, choice and technology have been a boon for both clients and attackers. Today’s digitization introduces complexity and speed. So existing security safeguards need to evolve. And your client trust and the privacy and security of monetary, identity and information assets is paramount while building your next-generation financial services firm.

Proofpoint is securing the future of finance

Proofpoint removes the security and regulatory hurdles in financial services across the globe in all segments and tiers. We offer the industry’s leading end-to-end people centric security solution that changes and secures how you communicate, collaborate and comply.

Secure Communication and Collaboration

Identity and fraud detection, protection and response

  • Microsoft Office 365 Security and Compliance Migration: Microsoft Office 365 allows your people to work anywhere, anytime, on any device. But that freedom creates security issues. Proofpoint Protection solutions can help. Proofpoint and Microsoft: More Secure Together. Learn More
  • Moving to the Cloud: As you plan the big move to the cloud with Office 365, you’ll want to understand the Office 365 security implications, especially when it comes to protection, compliance and email continuity. Learn More
  • Email Security Upgrade and Replacements: Financial services and insurance firms are reevaluating legacy security systems. As they take advantage of the cloud, mobile and cognitive solutions to drive greater agility, cost savings and insights, legacy security systems don't always support these areas well. Working on security modernization? Proofpoint's next-generation security and compliance solutions can help. Learn More
  • Stop Advanced Email Threats: Credential phishing and business email compromise (BEC) attacks are most relevant to the financial services industry. Proofpoint uses machine learning and multilayered protection techniques to detect and stop imposter email and phishing attacks. Learn More
  • Accelerate Email Threat Response: More than 90% of targeted attacks start with email—and these threats are always evolving. Proofpoint allows you to contain a potential data breach with fast, effective response. Learn More
  • Security Awareness Training: Reduce your people-centric risk with a variety of assessments, training and reinforcement tools. Learn More


Data Protection

Secure critical financial, trade, client and intellectual property information.

  • Find, Track and Secure Data in Email: Proofpoint provides out-of-the-box visibility into sensitive data in your email, without the complexity and costs of legacy data protection tools. Learn More
  • Protect Critical Financial Services Information: Financial service organizations maintain sensitive data, such as customer financial information, investment reports, trade models or algorithms, term sheets, client and investor information, pitch books and more. The Proofpoint Insider Threat Management platform empowers your security teams to detect, investigate and respond in real time to insider threats and data loss. Learn More
  • Financial data doesn’t lose itself:  People lose data—through negligence, malice and compromise. Proofpoint Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the only solution that brings context across content, behavior and threats together for people-centric insight into and prevention of data loss. Learn More

Compliant Communication, Engagement and Information

  • Next-Generation Archive and Compliance: Proofpoint Enterprise Archive provides the most secure, powerful and cost-effective solution available for compliance, supervision and legal discovery. It allows financial organizations to govern and discover a wide range of data. This includes email, instant message conversations, enterprise collaboration content, social media, text, voice and more. And with all data managed to address requirements. Learn More
  • Intelligent Supervision: Proofpoint Intelligent Supervision is a cloud-based supervisory platform built for even the largest and most complex financial services firms. The next-generation platform helps identify, review, address and maintain audit trails for incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence. It helps you achieve regulatory compliance far more efficiently than you can with legacy supervision systems or manual tools. This allows you to streamline regulatory audits and investigations. And it gives you visibility across your email, instant messages, collaboration tools and social media. Learn More
  • Digital Risk Protection: Identify the threats that target your employees, customers and partners on digital channels. This includes web domains, social media and the darknet. Learn More
  • Social Selling Compliance: Empower your advisors to engage in social selling and enable your social media compliance teams to monitor their activity in near real time. Enforce compliance policies at scale. And remove risky content quickly, in some cases even before it is published. Learn More

Financial Institutions Are at Risk for Insider Threats

Financial service organizations maintain sensitive data, such as customer financial information, investment reports, trade models or algorithms, term sheets, client and investor information, pitch books and more.
No industry experiences more online attacks and other threats. More than half of attacks (58%) on financial service companies come from insiders. In today’s highly connected environment, it’s never been more important to understand and eliminate Insider Threats at your organization. Proofpoint allows financial services companies to identify, investigate, and respond to data exfiltration and data loss caused by insiders.

  • Protect from Data Exfiltration
  • Conduct Timely Investigations
  • Monitor Front Office Activity
  • Monitor Sensitive Legacy Application Use
  • Mitigate Monetary Losses
  • Correlate Across Tools with Context