The Maturing of Business Email & Account Compromise in Financial Services

Historically, business email compromise (BEC) has focused on spoofing a sender to convince the recipient to click on a URL or download a malware payload. But with the progression of both backend technologies and user security awareness training, there’s been a significant drop in BEC compromises.  

However, now the growth of cloud-based office suites—and their misconfigurations—has allowed bad actors to take over access to legitimate email. And they use it to bypass most existing detection techniques. So how can you better protect your user?

Join our Proofpoint experts in this webinar as they discuss:

  • The factors that make so-called email or enterprise account compromise (EAC) a hard problem to solve
  • The areas where enterprises are most vulnerable based on recent use cases
  • How a people-centric approach will better secure your end user

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