White Paper

Taking a People-Centric Approach to Cybersecurity in Financial Services

The financial services industry is subject to enormous risk: it faces the highest rates of attack of any vertical market, it is the source of one-third of all data breaches, and it is vulnerable due to both the negligence and carelessness of employees and other insiders.

Compounding the problem is that many financial professionals are now forced to work from home during the pandemic, and they’re using security solutions that often are not as robust as those used in their office environments. So how can you better protect your end-users in the new normal?

Download the latest report from Osterman Research showcasing the latest on a people-centric approach to cybersecurity in financial services:

  • The current threat landscape of the financial services industry
  • Best practices on defending against and recovering from cyber attacks and threats
  • Why cybersecurity transformation around people and culture is now more critical than ever