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Threat Reports

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Quarterly Threat Report


In this report, you'll learn key developments in the threat landscape and how to protect your business against the latest attacks, including:

  • What to look for in the latest versions of business email compromise
  • Which malicious JavaScript attachments are showing up the most in emails
  • How mobile exploit kits are leveraging multiple vulnerabilities to give attackers control of devices
  • How to protect against social phishing that has overwhelmed corporations

Full Report


Highlights of this year’s report:

  • Extending a shift that began in 2014, URL-based campaigns gave way to massive, constantly evolving campaigns that deliver malware payloads through malicious documents. 
  • Social engineering has become the No. 1 infection vector. 
  • Campaigns are more tailored to target regions.
  • Social media and mobile apps are no longer corner cases for information security policy. Instead, they have become a key route to victims. 

Ransomware Survival Guide


In this guide you will learn: 

  • Why ransomware is surging
  • What to do before, during, and after a ransomware attack.
  • Why you shouldn’t pay ransoms—and why you may have to
  • What  free decryption tools can’t protect you
  • How to stop ransomware at the gates

Exploring Specific Threats, Trends, and Transformations

Cyber-Bedrohungen haben sich im dritten Quartal dramatisch geändert, nachdem die relative Ruhe im zweiten Quartal zu einer explosionsartigen Zunahme der Menge der Kampagnen wie auch der Vielfalt der Bedrohungen führte.

April - June 2016

April - June 2016

The first five months of 2016 were dominated by malicious email campaigns of unprecedented volume.

Ransomware and Impostor (aka BEC) phishing dominated the threat landscape in the first three months of 2016 as attackers continued to exploit ‘the human factor’ and rapidly monetize compromises.

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