Woman Using iPad Protected by a Cloud Data Protection Service

Cloud Account Defence

Protect your people and your organisation from Microsoft Office 365 account compromise.


With Proofpoint Cloud Account Defence (PCAD), cloud data protection, you can protect your people and your organisation from Microsoft Office 365 account compromise. It allows you to detect, investigate and defend against cybercriminals accessing your sensitive data and trusted accounts. PCAD is fast and easy to deploy, and it secures Office 365 users on any network or device. This allows you to confidently drive your business forward and make the most of Office 365. 

Features and Benefits

Cloud Data Protection and Detection From All Angles

Attackers use a variety of methods to compromise Office 365 data and accounts. And once they do, they can launch attacks inside and outside of your organisation. This impacts your reputation and your finances. Our multi-faceted cloud data protection approach helps you detect account compromise and the activities that leverage stolen credentials:

  • Contextual data user location, device, network and login time
  • Behavioural analytics to monitor for unusual or suspicious use activity, such as excessive login attempts, which may indicate brute-force automated credential guessing
  • Global threat intelligence for IP reputation checks
  • Correlation of threat activity across email and the cloud connects the dots between credential phishing and suspicious logins

Man Using iPad Protected by a Cloud Data Protection Service

Man Using Laptop Protected by a Cloud Data Protection Service

Granular Forensics For Deeper Investigation

When incidents occur, you can turn to our intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard to conduct investigations. Our drill-down graphs and reports provide fine-grained forensics details, such as user, data, time, device, browser, threat, and more. And we make it easy to sort or filter user activity logs to customize your analysis and reporting.

Flexible Policies Enable A Stronger Defence

To detect account compromise and the threats that may arise from credential abuse, you can build policies tailored to your organisation. We allow you to base these on parameters like user, network, device, location, and suspicious activity. PCAD also helps reduce alert fatigue by prioritizing alerts. And it customizes all notifications based on severity levels. With PCAD, you can also keep a close watch on at-risk users and suspend their Office 365 accounts for suspicious activity.

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