Multi-layered, AI-augmented email threat defense

Stop 99.99% of all email threats including business email compromise, ransomware and credential phishing.

People activate email attacks

Email is the No. 1 vector for cyberattacks today. What makes advanced email threats like business email compromise (BEC), ransomware, and credential phishing so successful is how well they target your users. To stop attacks you need to start with people.


of cyber attacks start with email


of malware attacks target users via email


in exposed losses due to BEC

We stop 99% of all email threats

We combine unmatched threat intelligence with AI-driven detection to understand and stop the risks targeting your people. And we’ve been doing it since 2002.

  • Proprietary AI trained on millions of human interactions over decades.
  • Industry-leading threat researchers add uniquely powerful insights.
  • In partnership with your people, learning from and helping them change behaviour to become more resilient over time.

Key Benefits

Get total visibility

We offer total visibility into who your Very Attacked People (VAPs) are, what threats are targeting them, and how. And we offer a risk score for each person at your organisation based on their unique vulnerability, attack and privilege.

Defend better before and after delivery

We detect and stop email threats with and without payloads—including BEC, TOAD attacks, malware and credential phishing—before they are delivered. And we automate post-delivery detection and remediation to give you total protection.

Work smarter

Proofpoint boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of your team.

We stop threats before they reach your organisation, reducing your workload. We automate the remediation of malicious and unwanted emails post-delivery, limiting investigation time and accelerating incident response.

Drive behaviour change

We empower your employees, offering customised security education based on their behaviour and the real threats targeting them. And we empower you to track their progress over time, helping you change behaviour and build a more secure and resilient workforce over time.

Key Features

AI-driven, multilayered protection

Our multilayered detection stack is comprised of threat intelligence, machine learning, behavioural AI, sandbox detection, content and semantic analysis (LLMs). As a result, we detect 99.9% of threats and our false positive rate is the lowest in the industry.

Pre-delivery inbox defence

We analyse messages, links and attachments before they reach the inbox. And we provide inline, pre-delivery sandboxing and behavioural analysis of suspicious QR codes.

Seamless classification of user-reported messages

We make it easy for users to report suspicious messages across all devices and automatically classify reported emails. If we discover a user-reported message is malicious, we’ll automatically remove all instances of it from other user inboxes—including forwards and distribution lists. And we communicate that activity back to the user, helping them understand the impact of their actions.

Automated quarantine post-delivery

We re-write URLs to protect users on any network and device to detect if a message has been weaponised after delivery. If a malicious message is detected post-delivery, we automatically move it to quarantine. And we follow forwarded mail and distribution lists.

Adaptive controls for customised protection

We offer unique insights into your Very Attacked People (VAPs) and the threats targeting them empowering you to implement targeted adaptive controls including browser isolation, focused security awareness training, step-up authentication and more. And our threat intelligence and research provide you with early warning telemetry into new, previously unknown threats targeting your users.

Proofpoint Package: Core

Stop inbound email threats and drive security awareness. Accurately classify, detect, and block BEC and phishing emails, malware, spam and more with our unparalleled threat intelligence and advanced machine-learning technology. Our Core package includes the following products:

  • Email Protection
  • Targeted Attack Protection
  • Threat Response Auto-Pull
  • Security Awareness

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Explore the products powering our solution

Email Protection
Email Protection

Proofpoint Email Protection is the industry-leading email gateway, which can be deployed as a cloud service or on premises. It catches both known and unknown threats that others miss.

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Advanced Threat Protection
Targeted Attack Protection

More than 90% of targeted attacks start with email—and these threats are always evolving. Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) helps you stay ahead of attackers with an innovative approach that detects, analyses and blocks advanced threats before they reach your inbox.

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Cyber Security Solutions, Services and Training
Threat Response Auto-Pull

Proofpoint Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) enables messaging and security administrators to analyse emails and move malicious or unwanted emails to quarantine, after delivery. It follows forwarded mail and distribution lists and creates an auditable activity trail.

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Security Awareness Training
Security Awareness

Attackers target people more directly than ever, and 95% of all cybersecurity issues can be traced back to human error. Ensure your users know what to do when faced with a real threat by providing them with targeted, threat-guided education.

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