Cloudmark Email Protection

Cloud-based and on-premises solutions to protect email users from cyber-threats.


For decades, email has been an essential tool used by individuals and businesses to communicate and share information. Due to its popularity, attempts to compromise email channels have increased. These have evolved from simple spam and malware attacks to more advanced threats like phishing and ransomware. Because email is a popular attack vector, it’s extremely important that service providers take measures to secure their messaging infrastructure from increasingly sophisticated malicious attacks.

Features and Benefits

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Carrier-grade Cloud Messaging Security

Attackers continue to find creative ways to entice users to open these increasingly malicious messages.These messages can expose recipients to malicious content that can cause significant financial or data loss. Cloudmark, a Proofpoint company, offers Safe Messaging Cloud (SMC) to provide you with a comprehensive, cloud-based email and messaging security solution. And it integrates seamlessly into any existing infrastructure. SMC takes on your messaging security needs in the cloud. And it only delivers sanitized messages to your messaging infrastructure.

Real-time Message Analysis

Cloudmark Authority analyses your messages in real-time. And it provides you with continuous updates every 15 seconds. This ensures your networks are always protected. It adapts to current spam and virus trends by utilizing the Cloudmark Global Threat Network, which delivers the highest level of email protection. Free up your network resources, reduce storage requirements and immediately improve your user email experience by accurately identifying new spam, phishing, malware and ransomware attacks as they arise.


Secure Cloud-Based Archiving Solution

High-performance Messaging Security Infrastructure

Cloudmark Security Platform (CSP) for Email is a high‐performance, email-security focused message transfer agent. It can be integrated into the most complicated email service provider environments. Its modular and extensible policy framework—along with our advanced content filtering capabilities—automatically detects and mitigates email abuse and threats. With CSP, you can deploy sophisticated class-of-service-based policy. This significantly increases your protection from malicious messages.

Less Clutter and Inbox Anxiety. Increased Productivity

Cloudmark Content Categories moves clutter out of the Inbox and allows your users to concentrate on important person-to-person (P2P) messages. It enables quick and easy implementation of Priority Inbox features within any webmail application. This allows marketing and other bulk email messaging traffic to be separated from more important communications. As a result, important messages are more likely to get the attention required, faster. What’s more, specific categories of messages can be shown in separate folders or tabs, depending on your end user’s preference.

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Post-delivery Remediation of Misclassified Messages

Ensure continuous monitoring and analysis of email through the entire delivery process. Cloudmark ActiveFilter tracks fingerprints of previously scanned and delivered messages. At the same time, it actively monitors for new threat updates from our global network of trusted reporters. This automatically removes spam and returns misclassified email messages to user inboxes.

Highly Accurate Sender Reputation Monitoring

Inrease your email security with Cloudmark Sender Intelligence (CSI). This solution applies sender profiles against good, bad and suspect senders. CSI combines real-time data from our Global Threat Network—and your own environment. And it delivers timely and accurate reputation categorization for your senders across messaging channels. CSI is the industry's most complete sender reputation and secure messaging solution.

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