Why Proofpoint

Cybersecurity Protection Starts with People

Most cyber attacks target people, not technology. That's why our approach to cybersecurity centers around people. Our company helps you understand the individual risk people pose. We stop the threats that target them and provide the tools they need to stay safe and alert. No other cybersecurity company protects people and brands more effectively than we do.

Outdated View of an Attack

As we move our IT infrastructure to the cloud, the old defend-the-perimeter approach no longer works. People work everywhere, anytime, and on all manner of devices.

Modern View of an Attack

Cybersecurity attackers have shifted their focus from infrastructure to people. No matter how well you're managing your IT infrastructure, you can't patch your way out of these people-centered attacks. Human nature is the vulnerability.

People-centric security and compliance

Unlike most cybersecurity companies, we give you protection and visibility for your greatest security and compliance risk—your people.

We deliver the most effective solutions to protect people from the threats that target them, the data they work with, their digital activity, and the digital channels they rely on.

Our Cybersecurity Products

Built on the cloud and the world’s most advanced threat intelligence platform, our cybersecurity solutions help you effectively prevent, defend and respond to today’s biggest threats and compliance risks.

Threat Protection

Stop email and cloud-based threats, including malware, phishing, compromised credentials and email fraud. We help you:

  • Block the entire spectrum of email threats, including malware, phishing and email fraud
  • Resolve threats more quickly and effectively—even after they’ve been delivered—with forensics-enriched alerts, automated workflow, and orchestration
  • Isolate users’ personal browsing activity and webmail to keep your enterprise environment protected
  • Keep Office 365 and other cloud accounts safe from takeovers and risky access privileges

Information Protection

Protect your most sensitive data and comply with ever-evolving regulations—without the headaches and costs of legacy data protection tools. Our company helps you:

  • Manage protected data sent via email through transparent, automated encryption
  • Understand where your most sensitive data lives with visualization tools that show you where you’re most vulnerable
  • Prevent data exposure and inappropriate access to data in cloud apps controlling who—and what apps—have access to it
  • Defend against insider threats and address compliance needs with a modern architecture that is easy to deploy and maintain.

User Protection

Reduce successful phishing attacks and malware by empowering your people to spot and report unsafe email and by safeguarding their personal digital activity. We offer:

  • Security awareness training
  • Phishing simulation based on real-world attack techniques
  • Isolation technology that lets people use personal email and the web without risking your enterprise environment

Ecosystem Protection

Secure the digital channels you don’t own. Block impostor attacks and malicious content that use trusted and lookalike email and web domains, social media, the dark web, and more. We help you:

  • Prevent email domain spoofing through DMARC authentication
  • Identify and take down lookalike websites and social media accounts
  • Stop fraudulent email before it reaches users’ inboxes


Collect, archive, supervise and monitor sensitive data in a compliant and legally defensible manner without the cost and hassle of traditional compliance tools. We help you:

  • Meet regulatory, legal, and corporate compliance requirements quickly and accurately
  • Manage the cost and complexity of staying in compliance at scale
  • Get greater insight into archived data for greater control and decision-making power

Happy Customers

Our company earns a sustained customer satisfaction rate of more than 95% and yearly renewal rate of more than 90%. To learn more, read our Customer Stories.

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