Intelligent Mobile Messaging Security

Protect your mobile messaging environment from malicious content, maintain customer loyalty and prevent revenue loss.


Mobile messaging has gained popularity among enterprises and brands as a way to engage with their customers. However, mobile messaging carries inherent security risks. These risks make the platform a favorite target for malicious actors to send attacks containing spam, phishing, malware and unauthorized application-to-person (A2P) traffic. Cloudmark, a Proofpoint company, combines the latest in attack grouping, machine learning, unique spam reporting platform, and the Cloudmark Global Threat Network to solve this problem. We help mobile operators protect subscribers against a broad range of threats. This helps maintain a secure mobile messaging environment.

Features and Benefits

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Secure Your Mobile Messaging Environment

Cloudmark offers the most complete and accurate texting/SMS/MMS mobile defence solution. We leverage extensive intelligence to gain visibility and block attacks as they arise, regardless of the obfuscation and changing sending tactics used. Our systems use reputation tracking, advanced content filtering and predictive analysis to detect, identify and mitigate mobile security threats and grey route abuse. This helps you maintain mobile user trust and prevent revenue loss.

Identify and Prevent Grey Route Abuse

Senders and aggregators seek out cost-saving alternatives for sending bulk messages. Some of the services they use circumvent the traditional bulk message delivery frameworks that mobile operators have in place. With Cloudmark’s A2P mobile phone security solution, you can ensure all commercial traffic uses approved and vetted paths into the network and to your end subscriber. This prevents mobile messaging fraud and revenue loss. As a result, you can secure your A2P revenue while also protecting your mobile phone end users from malicious content.

Using A2P Grey Traffic Detection and Prevention
Using Proofpoint RCS Protection

Securing the Mobile Messaging Future

As the adoption of business-to-customer (B2C) mobile messaging has increased, Rich Communication Services (RCS) is gaining traction as the platform of choice for interactive business messaging. However, RCS provides a new avenue for bad actors to send malicious content. This includes spam, phishing, malware, and yet unseen types of attacks, as RCS is still a developing technology. Cloudmark offers advanced mobile security solutions that will ensure your subscribers are protected from mobile messaging threats arriving via RCS messaging.

Email to SMS Protection

Protect your mobile subscribers from unwanted spam and phishing threats that attempt to enter your network via your Email to SMS gateway. Cloudmark’s Email to SMS protection is a multilayered solution. It identifies and blocks all forms of email-based attacks targeting your mobile subscribers. Our mobile phone security solution is offered in both on-premises and SaaS form factors, and it conforms to any customer requirement.

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