Premium Threat Information Service

Premium Security Services

Make better security decisions faster. Connect with threat analysts, understand threats with intelligence specific to your situation, and gain 24/7 visibility into the latest threat discoveries.

Get deeper threat insight with live assistance from our expert team

  • Exclusive Access: Private one-on-one meetings with our top analysts. You set the agenda, and we answer you questions.
  • Actionable Threat Intelligence: Threat intelligence provides personalised reports that expose who’s targeting you, who in your organisation is being targeted, and how you compare to your industry peers.
  • Advance Insight and Warning: Access to as-­it-­happens analyst observations of actors and threat campaigns via our Analyst Logbook. Get advance insight and deploy your resources better.

Top Use Cases

Fast Answers

Quick response to headline-prompted questions, such as: Are we protected/targeted and by whom, why and how?

Impact: Be better positioned to defend against threats—and look great to your board.

Staff Augmentation

Access to a global network of threat researchers and email, network, mobile and social data for preparedness and response.

Impact: Enables your team to reduce risk, save time and leverage valuable current resources.


Directed Research

In-depth analysis of threat actors, targeted users in organisation, malware, and more.

Impact: Get customised insight for better security posture—at no incremental cost.

Industry Comparables

Performance on security metrics relative to peers, including click rate, malware targeted, data by size and industry and geography.

Impact: Understand the relative strength and exposure of your organisation.

Executive Reporting

Detailed, easy-to-read monthly reports that include charts on threat landscape, peers, targeted users, top threats and Proofpoint performance.

Impact: Gain context for your security decisions and spending without taking your team away from their day-to-day responsibilities.