Intelligent Compliance

A Smarter Way to Stay Compliant

Mitigate Risk
Mitigate Risk
Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs
Gain Visibility
Gain Visibility

The Proofpoint Intelligent Compliance family offers advanced compliance solutions delivered as services.

Free It Up

Capture and monitor data effortlessly to ensure compliance

Keeping track of employee communications across multiple collaboration tools can strain your IT resources. Proofpoint Capture eliminates the burden.

  • Connect content across a variety of sources.
  • Format data with full conversational context for easier analysis.
  • Reduce your maintenance burden and scale with ease.
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Grow Smarter

Arm your resources to handle data growth

Evolve your compliance and security solution to adapt to data growth with Proofpoint Archive.

  • Use built-in, high-performance search, export and litigation hold.
  • Adapt as your business grows and regulatory compliance requirements evolve.
  • Empower users to search for their own archived information.
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E-discovery made easier

Built-in, high-performance search, export and legal hold, with advanced features to improve your litigation readiness.

  • Empower legal teams to conduct their own e-discovery.
  • Improve orchestration, streamline review and reduce discovery costs.
  • Uncover insights with user-friendly dashboards and data visualisations.
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Eyes on Everything

SEC, FINRA and IIROC compliance—simplified

Monitor, reduce false positives and glean valuable insights across email, social and enterprise collaboration data with Proofpoint Supervision.

  • Conduct smarter reviews and pinpoint compliance violations faster.
  • Identify bottlenecks and improve productivity with real-time alerts, reporting and intuitive dashboards.
  • Respond to regulatory audit requests at a moment's notice.
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Grow and Scale

Ensure compliance on employee social media channels

Bridge the gap between digital compliance and social media marketing with Proofpoint Patrol.

  • Get alerted to risky content right away, without a team of moderators.
  • Remediate problematic content automatically or manually.
  • Streamline complex workflows for reviews and approvals.
  • Implement simple and smart social media archiving.
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Track, audit and reconcile

Gain control and complete visibility into your capture stream

Get end-to-end data reconciliation protection that ensures what you have in your archive or data store includes every record sent.

  • Verify that captured communications and message content are received by downstream services.
  • Compare and reconcile captured content against an upstream manifest from each collaboration platform source.
  • Simplify audits with reporting that proves compliance and authenticity.
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Optimise review

Redefine supervisory review to enable regulatory compliance

Use machine learning models to eliminate low-value supervision content with Proofpoint Automate.

  • Significantly reduce false positives.
  • Leverage past reviewer experiences to improve supervision policies.
  • Take advantage of out-of-box models, design your own or work with Proofpoint to customise as needed.
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