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A message from Gary Steele, Chief Executive Officer

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While we have worked through the challenges that COVID-19 has brought our Proofpoint teams, the events of the last few days and the senseless killings of George Floyd and other Black Americans have left us saddened and struggling to understand.  

In many of the discussions I’ve had over the past few days, the conversation has centered on the events of the past week and how we can lend our voice as a company to promote social and racial equity. We have always had a policy that we do not tolerate racism, harassment, or discrimination of any form. However, if the events of the past few days have taught us anything it is that we don’t fully understand and still have a lot more work to do. As an initial sign of support, Proofpoint will make financial donations to organisations fighting systemic discrimination.

While this is one of the most challenging times that we have all lived through, I know that by coming together we can make progress on a better path forward.