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Enterprise-class security for growing businesses

Tap into the same solutions used by the world’s largest, most security-conscious companies.

Right sized for your organisation

Limited IT resources? Take advantage of the flexibility of our cloud-based platform.

Comprehensive information protection

Stay current with regulations with our encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions.

Cyber crime sets its sights on small businesses

Cyber criminals are equal opportunity, and are not just targeting large enterprises. They use social engineering attacks aimed at individuals, and are equally dangerous for small and medium-sized businesses. Over 90% of all cyber threats start with email, and one wrong click can launch a host of security threats. Which proves particularly dangerous for companies with limited IT staff.

People-centric security for small and midsize businesses from Proofpoint

Prevent threats before your people see them

Defend your staff from sophisticated ransomware, general phishing, credential-phishing attacks, email and more.

  • Implement enterprise-grade email protection and support in a cloud-based solution.
  • Monitor and protect social media accounts.
  • Create continuous, 24/7 email encryption and data loss prevention.
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Cultivate a small, but well-trained staff

When a dedicated security staff is not an option, a well-trained workforce is essential.

  • Train your employees to identify, resist and report attacks.
  • Assess end user risk with simulated attacks and knowledge assessments.
  • Gain real-time insight on who is being attacked, how, and ways to prevent it.
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Keep your data in-house

Losing data can be disastrous to customer relationships. Keep it secure.

  • Automatically identify outbound emails that should be encrypted.
  • Compose, read and respond to encrypted emails in your inbox.
  • Enable external users to access encrypted emails via a web-based interface.
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