Change User Behaviour

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Proofpoint provides best-in-class cybersecurity user education

Change User Behavior

Focused Risk Reduction

Simulations and assessments pinpoint vulnerable users

Maximise effectiveness by educating your Very Attacked People™ (VAPs) on the real threats targeting them. 

  • Understand which employees are being attacked and how. 
  • Send simulated phishing, SMS and USB attacks. 
  • Auto-enroll risky users into targeted learning.
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Targeted Education

Changing behaviour starts with knowledge

Deliver cybersecurity training that maps to real threats, user challenges and knowledge gaps. 

  • Tailor training modules to suit your organisation. 
  • Leverage interactive, video and game-based training modules localised and translated into 40+ languages. 
  • Assign relevant learning paths based on threat intelligence, knowledge assessments and threat simulation results.
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Frictionless Reporting

Maximise reporting rates and accelerate remediation without impacting IT overhead

Intuitive user reporting combined with automated remediation helps response teams identify and remove threats. 

  • Encourage users to report messages in one click.
  • Automatically identify and quarantine malicious messages.
  • Provide users with customised reporting feedback.
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Deliver Results to your Board

Visibility and results for all levels of the organisation

Demonstrate the value and impact of security awareness training to the C-suite. 

  • Track key metrics such as click and reporting rate. 
  • Understand how you compare to peers in your industry.
  • Get smart recommendations to reduce risk.
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