Holistic impersonation protection, simplified

Identify your risky suppliers, authenticate email and stop 100% of domain spoofing.

Imitation puts your business at risk

Attacks that spoof trusted domains, executives, suppliers and applications can result in customer mistrust, brand damage and business email compromise (BEC).


of organisations receive an attack from a compromised supplier every month


imposter domains registered in a massive phishing campaign


losses due to BEC since 2013

Defence that confirms you are who you say you are. And they are who they say they are

Our holistic impersonation protection defends your business communications from brand abuse and detects compromised supplier accounts.

  • Simplified email authentication that protects your business and from domain abuse.
  • Supplier account defense that uses behavioural AI, machine learning and threat intelligence to protect you from compromised suppliers.
  • Malicious lookalike domain detection reveals a complete view of newly registered domains that pose as your brand.

Key Benefits

We stop 100% of domain spoofing

Our experts help you authenticate your email and guide you through each stage of a DMARC rollout so attackers can’t pose as you. And we integrate your domain protection with our Threat Protection solution, so you can ensure protection without blocking legitimate mail, reducing your team’s workload.

The best lookalike domain defence

We actively detect and flag registered lookalike domains posing as you. And we can remove them via the registrar or hosting provides. We also actively uncover malicious lookalikes of your suppliers’ domains, enabling you to implement adaptive controls.




Defend against compromised suppliers

We help you detect and defend against risky suppliers using behavioural AI, machine learning and threat intelligence. Our adaptive controls mitigate your exposure and integrate with our threat protection solution to provide context around sender-recipient relationships and streamline third party incident response and investigation.

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Prevent hijacked application email

Application emails sent “as you” like password resets, order confirmations, appointment reminders and service updates are critical. We ensure those emails are authenticated and secure, relieving the burden on your security team and ensuring seamless business operations.

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Key Features

DMARC implementation, simplified

DMARC implementation can be complex. Our expert consultants will guide you through each step of your DMARC rollout. With us, you’ll get comprehensive visibility into email authentication for all of your emails—including authorised 3rd parties, user and application email.

Proactive detection of compromised suppliers

We correlate behavioural AI, machine learning and threat intelligence to proactively uncover compromised supplier accounts. Our adaptive controls like automatic isolation of URLs from compromised supplier accounts mitigate your exposure and integration with our threat protection solution provide sender-recipient context to streamline your response.

Dynamic detection of lookalike domains

We dynamically detect new registered domains that pose as your business and uncover malicious lookalike domains of your suppliers, revealing the messaging volume and messages delivered from those malicious lookalikes. No other vendor can provide that kind of visibility.

Comprehensive solution

Our holistic approach empowers your team with total visibility into all impersonation risks including domain spoofing, malicious lookalike domains and compromised supplier accounts. And we reveal all emails being sent as you, including 3rd parties and applications. Instead of juggling multiple vendors tackling different pieces of the impersonation problem, you can simplify with a single vendor to tackle the whole problem.

Proofpoint Package: Plus

Authenticate email via DMARC and identify risky suppliers. Achieve DMARC compliance for both employee and application email. Protect your trusted domains from vulnerable apps or high-risk (compromised) suppliers. Our Core Plus package includes the following products:

  • Email Fraud Defense
  • Supplier Threat Protection
  • Secure Email Relay

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