State and Local Governments

Protecting the Public
Sector, and the Public from
Cyber Threats


Rapid response to imminent threats

The flexibility to respond quickly to cyber threats is critical as the threat landscape and digital services in the public sector continue to evolve.

Reduce legal and compliance risks

A clear and compliant chain of custody is essential for data. Easily archive content to your data store, and even encrypt employee communications.

Thwart increasingly frequent financial attacks

Protect and encrypt your data and keep it out of harm's way from financially motivated attacks like ransomware.

Defending the full spectrum of civil infrastructure and services

From essential services, to election systems, and other critical infrastructure like water and utilities, literally no government agency is safe from alarmingly frequent cyber attacks. Unfortunately today’s attackers have more digital avenues to attack, and they know they can take advantage of an agency’s most vulnerable asset: people.

Advanced protection with people-centric solutions

Prevention begins with your people

Stop social-engineering based threats like ransomware, general phishing, credential-phishing attacks, email and other forms of digital fraud.

  • Combat email and cloud threats.
  • Secure Microsoft 365 and other cloud applications.
  • Keep risky web content out of your environment.
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A trained staff is a safe staff

Educate staff on how to quickly identify and prevent threats via email, the web, social media or cloud apps.

  • Assess end user risk with simulated attacks and knowledge assessments.
  • Train your employees to identify, resist and report attacks.
  • Gain real-time insight on who is being attacked, how and ways to prevent it.
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Safe data. Safe communities.

Stop the most common forms of data loss to keep your agency safe and compliant, and essential services secure.

  • Combat data loss and insider risk.
  • Modernise compliance and archiving to reduce compliance risk.
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