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Defend Data

Analyse user behaviour and content across all channels to defend data

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Data doesn’t lose itself. People lose it.

Careless users mishandle it. Malicious users walk out the door with it. And compromised user accounts are hijacked to steal it. Legacy solutions are not only siloed and limited to one channel, but they also fail to leverage user behavioural data. Information protection is a people problem. A new approach is needed.


of organisations reported one or more data loss incidents in 2023
of working adults who changed jobs within the last two years admitted to taking data when they left
of organisations do not have a mature DLP programme in place

Transform your information protection with a human-centric, omni-channel approach

Proofpoint's adaptive, human-centric solution transforms information protection across email, cloud, endpoint, and web by leveraging AI-augmented data classification, user behaviour analysis, and threat context.
This integrated approach enables organisations to preemptively address data loss and insider risk from careless, malicious or compromised users, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Possible Insider Threats Alert

Trusted by over 6,000 organisations including more than half of the Fortune 100

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Our cloud-based architecture minimises operational costs and simplifies scaling, while advanced content scanning swiftly identifies sensitive information, and behavioural insights uncovers user risk and intent. In a single, consolidated platform, we reduce the burden on IT teams, mitigate reputational damage, reduce customer attrition and address compliance risks—all while upholding user privacy.

Behavioural visibility

We understand user behaviour patterns with behavioural AI, CERT institute-based rules, and behavioural research to detect anomalies that may indicate risky activities or potential insider risk and provide early warnings and preventing data leaks or breaches.

Advanced content scanning

We accurately identify and classify sensitive data across all communication channels, enabling proactive protection tailored to the specific needs of the organisation.

Solve the use cases that matter most

We enable you to tackle your most pressing use case first.
As you expand your use case coverage, you can stay within a single solution approach to streamline policy management, enhance incident response, and gain comprehensive visibility into all data interactions, significantly improving overall
security posture.

Managed services

Shorten time to value with our highly skilled experts who help you design, implement and co-manage your DLP and insider risk programme.

Key Benefits

Proactive information protection that analyses user behaviour and content

Prevent email misdelivery

Adaptive Email DLP uses behavioral-AI to prevent accidental and intentional data loss over email, reducing risk and remediation cost – you can’t stop any other way.

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Enforce Email DLP and Encryption policies

We protect sensitive data and automate compliance with our Email DLP and Encryption solution, enabling you to maintain strict control over your email communications. Through our email threat protection platform, we manage and enforce DLP and encryption policies, meticulously scanning and analysing sensitive content in messages and attachments.

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Enforce Email DLP

Mitigate data loss

Modernise your DLP programme with human-centric data loss prevention across email, cloud, endpoint and web. Rich context around content and user behaviour surfaces data exfiltration by careless, malicious and compromised insiders. Triage, investigate and resolve alerts faster. Deploy quickly, scale automatically and maintain with ease. Service options to guide, measure and report on programme success.

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Mitigate Data Loss

Contain insider threats

Safeguard data from malicious, careless and compromised insiders. Proofpoint gives you the "who, what, where, and when" you need before, during and after an incident to determine user intent and the best response. Detect risky behaviour and data interaction in real time. Service options to guide programme success.

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Intelligent compliance

Intelligently detect misconduct in seconds across an array of popular e-communication platforms. Proofpoint provides an AI-based platform that helps unify, manage, store, investigate and supervise a vast array of digital communications for corporate and regulatory compliance protection.

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