Federal Government

Protect your agency-and your people‑against malicious attackers.

The federal government is an attractive target for cyber criminals. Know who is being attacked and how it’s happening, so you can protect your agency against sprawling cyber risk.

Manage risk and stay compliant:

  • Threat analysis
  • Cloud-app threats
  • ID very attacked people
  • Credential phishing
  • Zero-day threats
  • FISMA mandates
  • NIST framework
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Gain real-time insight on threats to help you prioritise and act on them.

As the traditional perimeter expands and attack surfaces grow, bad actors are targeting agencies’ greatest vulnerability: at-risk users. Only Proofpoint can tell you who is being attacked, how, and ways to prevent it. Our solution suite gives you the risk awareness you need to supercharge framework solutions and secure the gains of modernisation.

Implement federal agency-ready attack protection

As a federal government security professional, you need every advantage you can get as you bring framework investments to scale and maturity.

We are certified FedRAMP-ready with Email and Information Protection Service. This includes Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Targeted Attack Protection, Enterprise Archive and “in process” status for our SaaS Security Awareness Training.

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Get complete protection against email threats

Proofpoint Email Protection is the industry-leading email gateway, which includes Email Fraud Defense. This gives you complete protection against advanced threats and targeted attacks. And it includes those that target citizens and employees by spoofing your email domain. If your federal agency is looking to comply with the DHS BOD 18-01 mandate, Email Fraud Defense provides you with the most comprehensive and effective solution for DMARC authentication.

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Protect personal email

When federal employees check personal webmail at work, they can unintentionally introduce known or new threats into your agency. Personal Webmail Defense (PWD) protects your agency from employees using webmail and browsing activities across the broader web. It detects both known and new threats that use malicious attachments and URLs to download malware or trick users into sharing passwords or sensitive information. PWD inspects a URL for malicious links and it renders websites using web isolation technology. This gives you unmatched visibility across agency and personal email.

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  • External content does not touch endpoint
  • Nothing needs to be installed on endpoint
  • Negligible latency
  • No impact on visual user experience
  • Does not require multiple OS instances for multiple browsing sessions

Streamline your security ecosystem

We partner with industry leaders to give you complete visibility and protection. This means you can drive value from your existing investments and focus on tools that scale. We partner with Palo Alto Networks for coordinated detection and protection throughout your network, CrowdStrike to deliver best-of-breed threat intelligence, and SailPoint to provide enhanced governance and security for your at-risk users, and others.

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