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Cybersecurity for Federal Government Agencies


Federal agency-ready attack protection

FedRAMP certified. Ready to deploy. Bring your framework investments to scale and maturity.

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A well-trained, security-aware workforce

Engage your end users and arm them against cyber attacks with our industry-leading training and education programs.

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Stop insider threats

Threats from the inside are growing. Learn how to spot them, thwart them and mitigate damage.

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Federal missions are mission critical. And vulnerable

The operational capability for the world’s greatest superpower are is risk. Government information technology systems, networks, and above all, people are prime targets for attacks from bad actors at home and abroad.

Proofpoint products deliver people-centric defence for federal agencies

Stop threats that target your people

Protect against ransomware, general phishing, credential-phishing, email-based attacks and other forms of digital fraud.

  • Combat email and cloud threats.
  • Secure Microsoft 365 and other cloud applications.
  • Keep risky web content out of your environment.
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Train staff to defend your agency

Whether targeted through email, the web, social media or cloud apps, train your staff to recognise and stop threats.

  • Assess end-user risk with simulated attacks and knowledge assessments.
  • Train employees to identify, resist and report attacks.
  • Gain real-time insight on who is being attacked, how and ways to prevent it.
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Safeguard federal data

Government missions are the most critical. Keep them on track while preventing data loss.

  • Stay compliant with FISMA and related mandates and NIST guidelines.
  • Combat data loss and insider risk.
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