Proofpoint Wins Top Honours at 2022 CISO Choice Awards

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We are thrilled to share Proofpoint received top honours in two categories at the 2022 CISO Choice Awards, including best Governance, Risk and Compliance solution with our Intelligent Compliance Platform and best Security Awareness Training program for Proofpoint Security Awareness Training.

A first-of-its-kind vendor recognition selected by a board of CISO judges – leading security executives across industries – the CISO Choice Awards is a buyer's guide for their peers when selecting the technologies used to safeguard their organisations. Now in its third year, the awards honour security vendors of all sizes, types, and maturity levels, recognising differentiated solutions valuable to the CISO and enterprise from security solution providers worldwide.

CISOs bring real-world perspectives, so judges for the CISO Choice Awards understand that today's attacks target people. Deploying a layered, people-centric approach to cybersecurity that includes risk identification, mitigation, and security awareness training is crucial for protecting organisations against today's modern threats.

Joseph Dyer, one of this year's judges and ICF VP & CISO, highlighted: “The 2022 CISO Choice Awards were extremely competitive and it was rewarding to see that solution providers are increasingly in sync with our needs. The awards provide an opportunity for a seasoned board of CISOs across industries to identify and recognise forward-looking solutions from companies that are not only maintaining innovation but working with my peers and myself to safeguard our organisations.”

Leveraging our proprietary machine learning engine, the Proofpoint Intelligent Compliance Platform provides organisations modern regulatory compliance safeguards while simplifying corporate legal protection practices with AI-powered collection, classification, detection, prevention, search, eDiscovery, supervision, and next generation predictive analytics.

Powered by real-world threat intelligence from 2.6 billion emails analysed daily, Proofpoint Security Awareness Training shapes how employees act when faced with threats. It delivers targeted education that incorporates this threat data to build a strong security culture by empowering users with the right knowledge and skills, while motivating them with engaging, personalised education.

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