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Hackable Me Podcast Published Today

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“And that has fundamentally shattered my capacity to trust people.” 

So says a woman who fell victim to romance fraud, one of the cybercrime techniques detailed in Proofpoint’s Hackable Me podcast, which was published today. The podcast’s four episodes offer a lens into the 2020 cybercrime landscape and details how cybercriminals prey on human fears and vulnerabilities to successfully steal money and data. And all of these attacks described have one common thread: they target humans…not networks.

Hackable Me reveals the most common techniques that cybercriminals employ and highlights the human stories behind the headlines: Who is being targeted, the groups behind the attacks, and the potential collateral damage for both organizations and individuals. 

Throughout the series, experts like Ryan Kalember, EVP of Cybersecurity Strategy at Proofpoint, and Sherrod DeGrippo, senior director of threat research and detection at Proofpoint, discuss how cybercriminals select their targets and the psychology behind their attacks. The podcast also features industry leaders, like Joanne Mihelcic, research fellow in the faculty of I.T. at Monash University, who shares her research around people culture and cybersecurity.

Most importantly, the podcast provides listeners with practical, actionable advice on how to stay safe. Hackable Me is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or on your preferred podcast player. Want to see how hackable you are? Give our test a go at www.proofpoint.com/hackableme