Empower Your Email Security Projects with a Comprehensive RFP/RFI Template 

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Email security is a critical concern for businesses—and the most dominant threat vector. But choosing email security solutions for your company isn’t easy. That’s why Proofpoint has created a new tool—our email security RFP/RFI template. It helps our customers understand what email security solutions they may want to use in their business, and it helps simplify the procurement process.  

Based on industry best practices, our template draws on references from the 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Email Security. Plus, it uses the extensive knowledge and experience that our company has gained over many years working with thousands of customers worldwide

This template can be a helpful resource as you plan your future projects—whether you want to augment your Microsoft 365 security or upgrade email security. You can also customize it to meet your needs. 

  Email Security Project Request for Proposal

The table of contents in the new email security RFP/RFI template from Proofpoint. 

Simplify the procurement process 

The Proofpoint email security RFP/RFI template makes the procurement process easier for our customers. It provides a clear framework for evaluating vendors and their offerings. You can use it to define your requirements and evaluate how different vendors meet your criteria. When you can streamline the procurement process, it can be easier to choose the email security solutions that will work best for your business.  

Gain an integrated perspective on email security projects 

Our new template uses guidance from the latest Market Guide for Email Security from Gartner. It includes a wide range of crucial considerations and criteria for choosing email security solutions, including: 

  • Threat protection 
  • Data loss prevention 
  • Supplier threat protection 
  • Account takeover protection 
  • Security awareness training 

By using our template, your business can make sure that its email security initiatives will address all critical areas—and leave no room for vulnerabilities. 

Develop effective strategies for current and future projects 

You can use the Proofpoint email security RFP/RFI template to develop effective strategies for email security projects, too. Its guidelines and recommendations can help you to craft well-informed strategies that align with your technical requirements and business objectives. Whether you want to enhance your existing email security measures or embark on new projects, this template can be a valuable resource to guide you. 

Design a comprehensive email security project 

For your email security projects to be successful, you need to achieve an extensive level of protection against a wide range of common threats like: 

Establishing that protection requires: 

  • Advanced threat detection and prevention mechanisms 
  • Robust email filtering and quarantine capabilities 
  • A culture of security awareness among your users 
  • Compliance with relevant regulations 
  • Effective incident response and remediation procedures 
  • Ongoing monitoring and adaptation 

Our template ensures you cover all these areas to ensure your plans are complete. 

Break the attack chain and stay ahead of threats with Proofpoint 

At Proofpoint, we believe that effective email security starts with people. Technology helps, but it can’t provide full protection against sophisticated email threats. That’s why we take a people-centric approach to security that goes beyond standard measures.  

We prioritize the visibility and protection of your most targeted individuals. Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) can help you stay ahead of attackers. It detects, analyzes and blocks advanced threats before they can reach your inbox.  

Proofpoint provides threat intelligence that spans email, cloud, network, mobile and social media. Our threat graph of community-based intelligence contains more than a trillion data points that correlate cyber-attack campaigns across diverse industries and geographies. You can use these insights through the Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) dashboard. 

We recognize the importance of user awareness and training, too. We help empower your workforce to be effective at recognizing and responding to potential email threats.  

By breaking the attack chain and staying ahead of threats, Proofpoint can help you strengthen your overall security posture, protect your people and defend the data you create. 

Download the email security RFP/RFI template. It can help you plan your next email security project and simplify your procurement process. Above all, it will help you ensure your projects are successful.  

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