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The Top Cybersecurity Universities & Information Security Universities

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(Updated on 11/04/2020)

The demand for IT security professionals is growing exponentially, and if you’re looking to make a powerful difference in the world through computer technology, we highly recommend this field. Not only could you potentially help protect millions of innocent people from cyber crime, but there’s also the potential to earn a very nice living.

With cyber crime advancing, so must the forces against them. Hence, getting a solid education in an information security program, at a reputable university, is highly advantageous. Here are the top cybersecurity universities that we highly recommend:

Top 6 Cybersecurity Universities

Information & cybsecurity university students

1. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon has multiple research centers related to cybersecurity and information security, with a focus on policy development, risk management, and modeling, and is associated with the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC). They have various types of CyLabs, with various functions, such as supporting a corporate partnership program and sponsoring research projects.

2. George Mason University

Get your MS in Management of Secure Information Systems at George Mason online. They focus on giving you the skills to manage technology and policy challenges as they relate to information security. They are endorsed by The National Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Security in Information Assurance Education and as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Research.

3. Johns Hopkins University

They provide various cyberdegree and certificate programs, including a Masters degree, in cybersecurity for full-time students or working professionals, who can’t come to the campus at regular hours. In fact, The National Security Agency has dubbed the Johns Hopkins University a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance.

4. MIT

Learn skills required to keep businesses safe from cyberattacks with MIT’s Cyber Security and Information Sciences program: For intensive research, MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory is perhaps one of the best sources of conducted research in the world.

5. Stanford University

Stanford University offers their Advanced Computer Security Certificate Program via online courses. This program provides advanced skills in how to secure networks, protect electronic assets, prevent attacks, safeguard the privacy of customers, and create protected infrastructures.

6. University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences one of the first universities to offer education in information security. They have a graduate certificate program in Information and Network Security, and graduate programs for a Masters degree, PhD degree, and Certificates of Advanced Study in Information Science, Telecommunications, and Library and Information Science. They also provide a distance education program for gaining a Masters degree in Library and Information Science.

Final Thoughts 

Becoming an IT security professional is easier than ever with these top information security and cybersecurity universities. If you are ready to start your career and protecting innocent people from cyber crimes, check out our careers page!