Customization Center Enhancements Give Organizations Greater Control in Security Awareness Training

Customization Center Enhancements Give Organizations Greater Control in Security Awareness Training

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We are excited to announce the launch of new enhancements to Customization Center that will enable organizations to deliver more relevant and effective security awareness training. Our self-service Customization Center now enables administrators to edit text in our training, including the questions in quizzes, and text across all supported translated content in their Interactive Training.

We’ve made other key enhancements to Customization Center to allow administrators to:

  • Maintain training efficacy and continue to drive behavior change with our industry-first Learning Science Evaluator, which provides guidance to administrators on their customized content
  • Create their own role-based training modules for individual functions, departments, or regions at their company to ensure that they are relevant to those specific users or groups
  • Ensure that their training content is consistent for multinational audiences with managed languages which only suggests updates to languages an administrator selects
  • Edit screen reader text in certain parts of our training to ensure edited content is still compliant with US Section 508 or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA

These enhancements are now available in the Security Education Platform.

Maintain Training Effectiveness with Learning Science Evaluator

Publish My New Module

The Learning Science Evaluator provides guidelines to ensure that all edited content is a quality educational experience that changes behavior. Several module characteristics are measured, such as recommendations for appropriate length, amount of content on a screen, and number of questions in a challenge. The Learning Science Evaluator can:

  • Ensure users don’t memorize a quiz - Disabling enough questions or raising the passing threshold too high could result in the question pool becoming too small, such that users are likely to see the same quiz if they take it more than once.  
  • Reinforce lessons and measure results - Disabling a quiz can result in a warning that lets you know that this goes against best practices and that all lessons should have a quiz to reinforce the key objectives. 
  • Maintain effective educational content - Disabling lesson content that has quiz questions associated with it will result in the associated questions being disabled to ensure that end users are not being assessed on content they haven’t been taught.

Customization Center in the Future

We will continue to add features to the Customization Center to ensure that our customers can deliver highly effective programs through personalized content. Future features of the Customization Center will include the ability to export the customized training to SCORM files, and to change the images and theme.

See Customization Center in Action

For a firsthand introduction and demo of Customization Center, join us for our webinar “Proofpoint Security Awareness Training with Customization Center” on Thursday, July 25, at 11:00 am Eastern / 8:00 am Pacific here.