Free Resources: Cybersecurity Awareness Content, Research, and More

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Thanks to our innovation and leadership throughout 2018 — and our exciting year-end product release — we’re poised for another successful year. We are committed to sharing that success and helping you start the new year strong.

Our free security awareness training resources will help you do just that. Use this content to alert end users to trending phishing threats; support program positioning with decision-makers; plan and execute cybersecurity awareness campaigns; and more.  

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Attack Spotlight

Regular installments of our Attack Spotlight series combine Proofpoint threat intelligence and security awareness training expertise to deliver timely, sharable information about trending phishing threats that are being distributed at critical mass.

2018 State of the Phish™ Report

Our yearly State of the Phish Report chronicles phishing impacts and challenges experienced by infosec professionals around the globe, as well as how organizations are using security awareness training to change behaviors and reduce risk. (And stay tuned for our 2019 edition, launching later this month.)

2018 User Risk Report

We interviewed 6,000 working adults across six countries (the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Australia) to determine how personal cybersecurity habits are influencing overall security postures within organizations around the world.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Campaigns

Though they originally launched to support efforts during October’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, our Cybersecurity Heroes and Best Behavior Bingo campaigns can be used year-round to help raise recognition of pressing security issues and guide application of best practices.

2018 Beyond the Phish® Report

Each year, we examine how end users from 16 industries perform on knowledge assessments and training challenges across a range of cybersecurity topics. This year’s report showed that employees continue to struggle with secure data management, compliance-related requirements, and a broad understanding of the phishing threat.