The People Variable: What on Earth is the Cloud?

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In the current remote working landscape, people have become the new perimeter. This year alone, cloud account takeover activity has skyrocketed. In the first half of 2020, 97% of organizations were attacked , 60% had at least one compromised account. Of those, 34% showed suspicious file activity.

While cloud risks are tangible for security professionals, your users may have less understanding of how to use the cloud securely. Education matters more than ever in terms of reducing incidents.




In this episode of our People Variable podcast series, we spoke with Itir Clarke, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Proofpoint, about risks people pose in the cloud.


What we cover:

  • Why one in six people use the same one to two passwords
  • Why cloud security is of growing importance for awareness programs
  • Two easy steps to address account compromise


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