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Proofpoint Nexus™ Advances Threat Detection, Extraction and Correlation with Three New Partnerships

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Staying ahead of cybercriminals requires two key elements: best-of-breed technology and intelligence that keeps pace with the threat landscape. Proofpoint is committed to helping our customers protect their employees, the information they create, and their brands. As part of that commitment, we have spent more than a decade developing the Proofpoint Nexus™ cybersecurity and compliance platform. This platform is the core of our cybersecurity and compliance technology and powers our solutions’ effectiveness. At a high level, Proofpoint Nexus™ is made of three core platform functions:

  • Threat and risk detection: identifying threats and compliance risk across email, social media, and mobile apps requires many different detection techniques, environments, and tools, all of which shared correlated intelligence in the Nexus platform. For compliance risk, Nexus smart identifiers flag sensitive or regulated data in emails, files, or social media.
  • Intelligence extraction: with modern cyber threats, learning as much as possible about an attack is just as important as detecting it; a determined adversary will always keep trying. The Proofpoint Nexus™ platform leverages extraction services, to derive as much intelligence as possible from the attacks and compliance risks identified by the different detection services.
  • Intelligence correlation: the intelligence we extract is fed into the Nexus Threat Graph, which now contains hundreds of billions of nodes. In addition, compliance intelligence about sensitive data and interactions is also graphed to power services like our eDiscovery Analytics.

This week we took a significant step forward as we announced partnerships with Splunk, Imperva and CyberArk—all of which are powered the rich intelligence in the Proofpoint Nexus™ platform. This follows our partnership with Palo Alto Networks announced earlier this year. By synthesising threat intelligence across our solution set (including email, social networks and mobile devices), with threat and risk insight from our network, database protection, endpoint, SIEM and IAM technology partners, we help security teams detect the threats against their most critical users and data and respond to them quickly.

As the integration point for our ecosystem, Proofpoint Nexus™ is the engine that allows our customers to integrate multiple security solutions and stay protected. For more information on our threat intelligence capabilities, please visit