New People-Centric Cybersecurity Research: The Economist Intelligence Unit on Behalf of Proofpoint

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In the cybersecurity community, we talk a lot about the current threat landscape and how companies should protect their people. But there’s only one way to know how today’s biggest people-centric threats are affecting companies: talk to the employees on the front lines of the fight.

That’s why on behalf of Proofpoint, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) surveyed 300 corporate executives across the globe on:

  • How they are addressing today’s top threats
  • What major obstacles impede implementing best practices
  • The way forward, as respondents see it

Below we share five key highlights from this important research. For the complete analysis by EIU researchers, please download the full report, "Cyber Insecurity: Managing Threats from Within."

85% of executives agree human vulnerabilities cause security breaches


56% of healthcare executives say their organization can prevent a data breach


87% of executives experienced a data breach in the past 3 years


35% of executives believe security training ensures responsible cybersecurity behavior


47% of executives expect to face a major data breach in the next 3 years