Sustainability and Social Impact

Proofpoint operates in approximately 20 countries, and as a global corporate citizen, we are committed to environmental sustainability, positive social impact, and supporting people and communities around the world.

Some examples of how Proofpoint supports environmental sustainability are:

  • Usage of highly efficient virtualized servers for our global IT infrastructure, supplemented by a diverse mix of leading cloud services, which are delivered out of energy efficient data centers in the countries that we deliver our services from.
  • Our new headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA meets LEED Gold certified standards for the core, shell and interior;
  • Requiring LED lighting as standard for all new real estate projects, and launching a project to replace the majority of our fluorescent lights with LED lighting by mid-2021 globally
  • Implementing recycling programs in every Proofpoint office globally; and
  • Adoption of teleconferencing solutions to reduce unnecessary air travel.
  • Proofpoint is committed to the communities it operates in. Learn More

Proofpoint strives to ensure that working conditions are safe, workers are treated with respect and we have a zero tolerance for any type of unlawful discrimination based on sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other protected categories. We are also committed to social impact and customer focus through:

  • Providing differentiated people-centric cybersecurity products, solutions and services to help enable a safer world
  • Exceeding customer needs through innovation, simplicity and high levels of customer service
  • Continually improving our world-class efficacy to better protect our customers from the rapidly changing threat landscape
  • Proofpoint is committed to running our IT infrastructure with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. Learn More
  • Proofpoint is committed to keeping customers’ information secure. Learn More
  • Proofpoint is committed to customer satisfaction. Learn More