DISCARDED: Tales from the Threat Research Trenches is a podcast for security practitioners, intelligence analysts, and threat hunters looking to learn more about the threat behaviors and attack patterns.

Cat-phishing Dogfighters

Sarah Sabotka, Senior Threat Researcher at Proofpoint, joins us on this episode to discuss her background in animal cruelty investigations.
Mar 21, 2023

A Venture Mindset: North Korean Actors Go Beyond Espionage

In this episode, we dive into the isolated world of North Korean aligned actors with Sr. Threat Researcher, Greg Lesnewich.
Feb 21, 2023

Why Do We Click? Understanding the Psychology of Social Engineering

In this episode, we have Dr. Bob Hausmann, Learning and Assessment Architect, joining us to discuss the psychology behind user engagement with phishing.
Feb 8, 2023

New Year, New Threats: Prepping for the 2023 Threat Landscape

In this episode, Threat Research Managers, Alexis Dorais-Joncas, Rich Gonzalaz and Daniel Blackford, join us to share their perspectives on the 2023 threat landscape.   
Jan 24, 2023

Confidence, confusion, cashout: How pig butchering is blindsiding victims

In this episode of Discarded, Selena Larson and Crista Giering are joined by Proofpoint team members: Tim Kromphardt, Email Fraud Researcher, and Genina Po, Threat Analyst, to discuss socially engineered attacks and how victims are tricked. 
Jan 10, 2023

Holiday Happy Hour: 12 Faves of Threat Research

As the end of year is rapidly approaching, it’s important to reflect back on some of the top learnings for the year.
Jan 3, 2023

AMA Answers From the Threat Research Trenches

In this highly entertaining episode of DISCARDED, Selena Larson and Crista Giering host a wild round of “Ask Me Anything,” with Sherrod DeGrippo, VP of Threat Research and Detection, and Daniel Blackford, Threat Researcher at Proofpoint. 
Dec 13, 2022

The Many-Faced Threat: Multi-Persona Impersonation (MPI) In Your Inbox

Josh Miller and Sam Scholten join this episode to share their experiences with the evolving intellect of attackers and their multifaceted breach strategies. Using multi-persona impersonation (MPI), attackers establish multiple accounts and increase trust by manipulating social validation — a psychological tool.
Nov 29, 2022

Machine Learning Is a Party With Camp Disco!

In this episode, Dr. Zachary Abzug, Manager and Tech Lead of Data Science at Proofpoint joins the show to discuss a machine-learning enabled tool called Camp Discovery, AKA Camp Disco and the importance of the human interaction required for making use of machine learning in malware detection.
Nov 8, 2022

Reservation Confirmed: Threat Actors Visiting the Hospitality World

In this episode, Joe Wise, Threat Researcher at Proofpoint, joins the show to discuss his and Selena’s research into a small e-crime actor, TA558 and its targeting against the hospitality and travel e-crime sector since at least 2018.
Oct 25, 2022