Cloud App Security Broker

Cloud Security

Proofpoint’s Cloud App Security Broker (CASB) solution secures your cloud users, apps and data from threats, data loss, and compliance risks. It gives you the ability to protect sensitive data and respond to cloud security incidents with instant context. And it seamlessly integrates user visibility and threat intelligence from the cloud with email, endpoint and web.

Getting Started With Cloud App Security

Getting Started with CASB

Learn how people-centric context and cloud controls can improve your DLP and cloud security programmes.

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Data security

Cloud data loss and insider threats

Data loss can be triggered by careless, malicious or compromised users. CASB is integrated into our Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution to accelerate incident response with user and threat context behind risky data movement. You can simplify your cloud DLP policy management with our built-in DLP classifiers and advanced machine learning (ML) detectors.

Enterprise Data Loss Prevention solution

Cloud security

Cloud account takeovers

CASB security protects you from account takeovers in Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Okta services. It correlates threat intelligence across phishing attempts, known threat infrastructure, prior credential dumps, and brute-force campaigns. Accelerate incident response with context into threats, users and behaviours across email and cloud services.

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Shadow IT

Third-party OAuth app abuse

Reducing your attack surface from first-party and third-party apps is critical to data security in a remote-first world. Simplify your shadow IT management with visibility from Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP), Isolation, and Web Security. And automate the remediation of malicious OAuth apps and abused, yet legitimate, OAuth apps with CASB.

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Cloud App Security Broker

Gain visibility and control over your cloud apps, so you can deploy cloud services with confidence.

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Features and Benefits

Protect your users from data leaks, account takeovers and accidental activity

Visibility and executive reporting

Unlike traditional CASBs that slow down users, Proofpoint enables secure productivity with unmatched threat intelligence and DLP.

  • Correlate data loss, cloud threats and shadow IT usage to the user within timeline-based views
  • Gain visibility into the recently phished users and the most attacked users in your organisation using Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection
  • Follow cloud app attacks from initial access to post-access malicious activities
  • Get one view into cloud, email, endpoint and web DLP with Enterprise DLP integration
  • Provide reports to executives for data security, MITRE ATT&CK framework and cloud threats

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Machine learning and DLP

Go beyond false positives and data-centric policies to protect from modern data loss. With our context-based DLP, you get insight and context that traditional DLP can’t provide. This helps prevent losses from negligent, compromised or malicious users. So if an employee is leaving the organisation and steals data, CASB can quickly identify malicious behaviour before it’s too late and that person is gone.

  • Detect negligent, compromised, or malicious users and their anomalous file activity
  • Identify sensitive data in the cloud more easily with ML-based data classification and rules honed over two decades of DLP experience
  • Use the same data classification and discovery patterns across cloud, email, endpoint and web channels

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Machine learning and threat intelligence-based detection

Move past simple location and IP-based exclusion policies to protect from modern cloud threats. Network-based cloud security solutions don’t correlate threat activity across email and cloud. You need a solution that provides machine learning and threat intelligence-based detection.

  • Gain threat intelligence from email and cloud phishing attempts, known threat infrastructure, prior credential dumps, and brute-force campaigns
  • Detect account takeovers more accurately using machine learning to correlate threat intelligence and anomalous user behaviour
  • Identify malicious third-party OAuth apps and attackers abusing legitimate apps
  • Get a timeline-based view that ties the initial access vector to the post-access malicious activities with cloud attack sequences

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Deep security ecosystem integrations

  • Supports hundreds of the most popular enterprise SaaS apps and IaaS services
  • Deeply integrated with Proofpoint Information Protection, Targeted Attack Protection (TAP), Cloud Security, Threat Response, Emerging Threat Intelligence 
  • Integrated with SIEMs, SOARs, and ticketing and messaging systems through modern, RESTful APIs in the Proofpoint platform

What You Should Know About Third-Party OAuth Apps

Fast time to value

With CASB, you get flexible deployment models to meet all your use cases. Choose the one that’s right for you.

  • For immediate visibility with the fewest hassles: Proofpoint CASB with cloud API connectors
  • For real-time protection with no endpoint agents: Proofpoint CASB with adaptive access controls
  • For more restrictive, real-time cloud controls: Proofpoint CASB with cloud proxy

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