Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

Information Protection

Data doesn’t lose itself. People lose it. That’s why Proofpoint Endpoint DLP takes a modern, people-centric approach to protecting your data. With granular visibility into how users are interacting with data, it helps you prevent, detect and respond to data loss incidents in real time. Endpoint DLP builds on our proven leadership in email threat protection and insider threat management. We help you reduce your risk—without reducing your users’ productivity.

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Endpoint DLP and ITM Solution Brief

Learn how we protect from endpoint data loss, simplify incident response, and accelerate time to value

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People-centric insight

Get critical context around risky data movement as it happens—not just after it has occurred. Endpoint DLP helps determine key questions such as;

  • Who moved the data?
  • Where did the data originate?
  • Where did it go?

Real-time visibility helps you correlate, detect, prevent and resolve data loss incidents before they can cause lasting harm.


Data loss detection and analytics

Detect risky data movement across and out of your environment with easy-to-set rules. You can also integrate our data-activity telemetry into your broader threat-hunting programs.


Data management and control

Prevent risky data movement from the endpoint, including transfers to USB devices. Endpoint DLP makes it easy to stop out-of-policy data usage and movement.


Data loss incident response

Our built-in incident-management workflows are tailored for endpoint data loss caused by users. Endpoint DLP helps you collect evidence across all the tools your users rely on. And it creates visual timelines you can share with other business units for streamlined collaboration.


Integration with Enterprise DLP and Insider Threat Management

Endpoint DLP runs on a modern architecture built for scale, analytics, security, privacy and extensibility. It shares a lightweight endpoint agent with our Insider Threat Management and Enterprise DLP platforms. That means you can extend your visibility and data loss controls without slowing users down.