Premium Cybersecurity Services

Premium Services

Provide a force multiplier to your team. Leverage best practices and industry knowledge. Optimise your systems and response to threats. Deliver on the promise of a people-centric security strategy.

Product Guidance

Technical Account Management

With Proofpoint Technical Account Manager (TAM) Programs you can optimize, integrate and maintain your Proofpoint deployment. This helps you make the most of your security investment. You get deep technical expertise, real-world insight from our vast customer base, and the best threat intelligence in the business—focused on your unique environment and business needs.

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Threat Analysis

Premium Threat Information Service

The Proofpoint Premium Threat Information Service provides deeper understanding of the ongoing threat landscape and your organization’s place in it, enabling you to prioritize your security decisions. With our expertise, you gain a better situational understanding and you can make better security decisions faster. This value is based on three components of the service: Contextual Threat Analysis, Advanced Insight, and Tailored Threat Analysis.

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Awareness Training

Managed Services for Proofpoint Security Awareness Training

Managed Proofpoint Security Awareness Training offloads the challenge of designing, running and reporting on a security awareness training program, so you can focus on your primary responsibilities. Having a dedicated resource specifically focused on designing and implementing your program provides you with continuous activity and focus on cybersecurity.

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Holistic Security

People-Centric Security Program

With the Proofpoint People-Centric Security Program, you can boost your people-centric security strategy. The program is designed to be an ongoing process, where we work with you to deploy controls and assess your position in the threat landscape. We also adapt your security posture to that position and report measurable results.

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Staff Augmentation

Managed Services for Email Security

Proofpoint Managed Services for Email Security protects your people against advanced email threats. Our team ensures your defensive systems stay ahead of attackers. And you’ll get peace of mind knowing you’re protected with the latest technology available and that you have prioritized support. Managed Services for Email Security will provide you with better efficacy rates and the reports to prove it to your stakeholders.

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Managed DMARC Authentication

Email Fraud Defense Services

Our Email Fraud Defense consultants help you through every step of your DMARC authentication journey. We work with you to identify all your legitimate senders—including third-party senders—to make sure they authenticate properly. And our with our proven implementation plan, you can confidently enforce DMARC authentication to help protect your employees, business partners and customers from email fraud.

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Information Protection

Managed Services for Information Protection

Managed Services for Information Protection (MSIP) augments your team with our global data security experts. This provides you with ongoing systems and alert coverage to ensure that you are best protected against data loss. With decades of experience, we have built best practices and maturity modeling to optimize your program. This protects you against intellectual property theft and sensitive information breaches that could significantly harm your business. Our cybersecurity experts design, implement and operate a program tailored to your needs. From data loss prevention (DLP) to cloud access security broker (CASB) to insider threat management (ITM), we use advanced machine learning and engaged human analysis to make sure that your information is protected. Alerts are inspected and acted upon with rapid response to attempted breaches. Let us help improve your security and leverage your team, giving you time back to focus on other issues.

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Insider Threats

Insider Defense Services

Proofpoint helps you stay ahead of insider threats with an approach that works for your environment. With extensive experience across thousands of customers, we provide you with efficient deployment, training for your teams, strategic guidance, and ongoing support. And we make it easier for you to protect your organization from insider threats with a single point of contact who understands your goals helps you realize the full value of your solutions.

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Compliance and Archive

Compliance and Archiving Services

Compliance and Archiving Services provide you with skilled staff to help you achieve your business goals and meet regulatory requirements. Our cybersecurity consultants bring more than 100 years of combined industry experience as regulators, compliance officers and technologists. We help you build and execute your implementation plan, drive solution adoption, identify and avoid potential compliance risks, and demonstrate results.

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Project Assistance

Consultative Services

Proofpoint Implementation and Consultative Services help you get the full value of your Proofpoint solutions—and get it faster. Our collaborative approach includes a tailored rollout process, consulting engagements and hands-on workshops. Get the most out of your security investment and rest assured that you’re set up for success.

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