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Our collaborative approach to our Consultative Services provides you with a tailored implementation process, consulting engagements and hands-on workshops. Get the most out of your security investment and rest assured that you’re set up for success.


Partner with Proofpoint and get set up for success

Faster deployment

Leverage our extensive experience in deployments across large enterprises to get value from your Proofpoint solutions faster. Our consultants combine proven Proofpoint methodology with your preferred processes to give you confidence in your investment.

Stronger protection

With our Consultative Services, you get greater value from your Proofpoint solutions. Our consultants bring together best practices to ensure everything is configured optimally to give you best results. And our technical project management team helps your teams with solution adoption, which gives your organization even greater security.

Collaborative approach

The Proofpoint Consultative Services team works with you to build a program custom tailored to fit your business objectives. We also provide hands-on workshops for your teams to ensure you have what you need right when you need it. And we work on a fixed per-project basis to ensure we focus on delivering value where it matters most to you.

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