Solution Brief

Proofpoint Remote Working and Business Continuity

Your people are spending less time in the office and more time working remotely. But they continue to be the No. 1 target for attackers. Working safely and securely from remote locations has never been more important. However, legacy methods of remote access can open potential security risks and potentially issues of scale. Combine this with the fact that remote workers are not necessarily behind all the security controls that the organization has implemented, and the risk can increase even further. We can help you quickly and securely enable remote working, while reducing your risk.


  • Proofpoint Zero Trust Network Access
  • Proofpoint Browser Isolation
  • Proofpoint Security Awareness Training
  • Proofpoint Cloud Account Defense

Key Benefits

  • Provide remote workers with the same levels of security and access as those who are on the network
  • Quickly and effectively provide employees and contractors with secure remote access solutions to applications in the datacenter and cloud
  • Allow remote workers to browse the web while keeping malicious code execution away from their corporate device
  • Educate employees on additional risks faced when working remote.
  • Identify and respond to suspicious cloud account activity