Threat Report

Protecting People: A Quarterly Analysis of Highly Targeted Cyber Attacks

Anyone can be a VAP: Very Attacked Person™ and they're not always the people you expect.

Our latest Protecting People cybersecurity report explores who’s being targeted, how they’re being attacked, and what you can do about it.

Here are some trends in cyber attacks from our cybersecurity analysis:

  • A whopping 99% of the most heavily targeted email addresses in the quarter didn’t rank as such in our last report, suggesting that attackers are constantly shifting targets.
  • Workers in marketing, public relations, and human resources departments accounted for a bigger share of attacks vs. the previous quarter.
  • Customer-support fraud on social media soared 486% vs. the year-ago quarter to its highest level ever.
  • Email fraud attacks rose to 36 per targeted organisation on average, an 80% jump from same quarter last year.
  • Email-based corporate credential phishing attacks quadrupled vs. the previous quarter.
  • Web-based social engineering attacks jumped 233% vs. the previous quarter.

Download the full cybersecurity threat analysis report for the latest insight into today’s highly targeted attacks.