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Threat Report

2021 Human Factor Report and Infographic

Cybersecurity, Ransomware and Email Fraud in a Year that Changed the World

As the global pandemic upended work and home routines in 2020, cyber attackers pounced. Dive deep into how this extraordinary time has changed the threat landscape—and what it means for the year ahead. Our premiere threat report draws from one of cybersecurity's largest and most diverse data sets to explore user vulnerability, attacks and privilege through a people-centric lens. You'll learn:

  • How ransomware activity has evolved
  • The latest techniques and tactics used in attack campaigns—and why they work
  • How nearly every threat actor we track piggybacked the pandemic to target people
  • Why business email compromise is so effective and costly
  • Which threat actors persuaded more people to click

Our infographic provides an "at a glance" overview of the 2021 Human Factor Report. Please complete the form on this page to access the report containing the full data set. 


Click here to download the infographic.