2020 Cost of Insider Threats Global Report

Ponemon 2020 Cost Report for Insider Threats: Key Takeaways and Trends

How much could Insider Threats cost your company annually? $11.45M, according to a new report from the Ponemon Institute, up from $8.76M in 2018. Ponemon’s 2020 Cost of Insider Threats Report surveyed hundreds of IT security professionals across North America, EMEA, and APAC, covering multi-year trends that prove the significance of this rapidly growing threat type.

Join Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute, and Josh Epstein, CMO at ObserveIT a Proofpoint company, in a webinar to break down the key findings of the 2020 report. We will cover:

  • What kinds of Insider Threats cost organisations the most
  • How investigations are driving up the cost-per-incident for companies
  • Which organisations, industries, and regions are being targeted the most
  • How companies can potentially save millions by using a dedicated Insider Threat management approach

*This session is eligible for CPE credits with ISC(2). To submit for CPE credits, visit https://go.proofpoint.com/webinars-submit-cpe-credit.

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